You may get lost but you must see what you find, you find yourself.

Berlin is more than 9 times the extent of Paris, BUT it just has 1/5 of Paris' thickness. That is the reason Berlin feels so breezy and open! To such an extent that occasionally you have an inclination that you have an entire stop for yourself. Berlin has a larger number of extensions than Venice – around 1,700 of them. It is additionally said that Berlin has more conduits than Amsterdam, Stockholm and Venice COMBINED. The city we adore has more than 180 kilometers of safe conduits inside city limits. Berlin has its very own lager forte, the Berliner White. It has unquestionably marginally severe and sharp notes and is produced using wheat. The Fersehturm, or TV Tower around Alexander platz is the tallest structure in Germany at 368 meters high. Explore Now