You may get lost but you must see what you find, you find yourself.

Berlin is more than 9 times the extent of Paris, BUT it just has 1/5 of Paris' thickness. That is the reason Berlin feels so breezy and open! To such an extent that occasionally you have an inclination that you have an entire stop for yourself. Berlin has a larger number of extensions than Venice – around 1,700 of them. It is additionally said that Berlin has more conduits than Amsterdam, Stockholm and Venice COMBINED. The city we adore has more than 180 kilometers of safe conduits inside city limits. Berlin has its very own lager forte, the Berliner White. It has unquestionably marginally severe and sharp notes and is produced using wheat. The Fersehturm, or TV Tower around Alexander platz is the tallest structure in Germany at 368 meters high. Explore Now

It’s a metaphor, a way of life, a way of thinking.

Belgrade was battled about in 115 wars and properly got an epithet, the White Fenix as it has been annihilated and modified in excess of 44 times amid its history. Belgrade was shelled a few times in the twentieth century, both in the First and Second World Wars and by and by in 1999 by NATO the Serbs had their own time something like 200 years previously the Swiss did. Notwithstanding of its fierce history, the nation delivered probably the most noteworthy personalities committed to science. Nikola Tesla made extraordinary disclosures in the orders of electric current and attraction.


A bad day in London is still better than a good day anywhere else.

As a standout amongst the most differing urban communities on the planet, London houses more than 8 million occupants, who by and large talk more than 300 dialects. Six ravens are as yet kept in the pinnacle today and they should stay there consistently because of superstitious reasons. St Paul's Cathedral was the tallest building (111 m/365 ft) in London from 1710 to 1962. It is the second biggest church in the UK after Liverpool Cathedral. The world's most seasoned open zoo opened in London in 1828. The world's first underground open restroom opened in 1855 under the asphalt alongside the Bank of England.


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